4 Common Computer Problems and Their Solutions - Are You Suffering From Any of These?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is a very short article so there is no way I can cover all the problems you can experience with your computer. I will go through only 4 common computer problems and how you can solve these problems.

The first common computer problem is virus (or general malware) problem. Virus is a common term used by computer user to mean any software that creates problems such as slowing down your computer, displaying annoying pops ups, or disconnecting you from the internet. Solution is to download antivirus or antispyware programs to protect your computer.

The second common computer problem is performance issue. This a bit similar to the above because virus can slow down computer performance. The solution to a slow computer is to optimize the memory by removing majority of your startup items and background services, upgrade your memory, and perform different types of tweaks to improve computer performance.

The third common computer problems is how to upgrade the computer. If you have a old computer that you want to upgrade to the latest, the solution is to not be afraid because you can do it yourself. Once you find out the make and the model of your computer motherboard, you would be able to figure out the components required and you can make purchase of these components and add it inside your computer yourself.

The fourth common computer problem is hardware problems. The solution to this problem is to get an expert to fix this for you. Hardware problem such as broken screen, damaged motherboard, damaged power supply etc are not easy to fix by ourselves so we require an expert to do these for us.

Others problems include computer crashing, freezing, Windows errors, registry problems, drivers problems and so on.

Download Windows Optimization Software and watch videos on how to improve your computer's performance.

If your computer is having any problems you can learn how to fix computer problems using some of the tips and tweaks I have recorded on videos. You also gain access to free tools and resources you can download to better optimize your computer


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