Thermoformed Plastic Pallet 48x40x6-1/2 2000 Lb Capacity

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thermoformed Plastic Pallet 48x40x6-1/2 2000 Lb CapacityORBIS THERMOFORMED PLASTIC PALLET 15,000 LB. STATIC CAPACITY This Reusable Plastic Pallet Offers A Long Service Life And Heavy Duty Load Capacities! Ideal for distribution or work-in-process applications in food and light industrial applications. Plastic pallet is made of 100% recyclable single sheet thermoformed (HMWPE). Mirror-image design allows pallets to be used as a top cap, enabling secure double stacking of pallet loads. Offers 40 x 48 footprint that meets Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) specifications. Pallet allows 4-way fork entry. Nestable plastic pallet offers 15,000 lb. static capacity and 2,000 lb. dynamic capacity. Measures 49-7/10L x 41-3/5W x 6-1/2H overall. 0.00 L. 0.00 W. 0.00 H.


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