Printer Waste Ink Absorber Reset Collection for Canon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Press and hold the RESUME button, then press and hold the POWER button.
  3. Release the RESUME button, Next press and release the RESUME button two(2) more times in succession. Note: you are still holding the POWER button). The printer's carriage will "reset" or move momentarily. If the above was properly performed the printer will enter the "Service Mode".
  4. Press the RESUME button 4 times, this will select the clear waste ink counter function. The lamp will alternate (change) color with each key press.
1. Service/Factory test printout, including ink sensor check.
2. EEPROM - Info printout.
3. EEPROM - Initialization.
4. Reset the Waste ink counter.
5. Printer model setting.

(More selections beyond this point) - However it is best to leave them unaltered
After selecting the desired mode (eg 4), press the POWER button to "set" the change, and return to the top of the function selection menu. Press the POWER button again to restart the printer.

Canon S9000, S300, S400, i550, i560, i850, i860, i865, i9100, i9950, PIXMA iP3000 above
  1. Turn off printer
  2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
  4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
  5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
  6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
  7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
  8. Your printer should respond as normal.

Canon MPC190
  1. Enter SERVICE MODE By pressing Menu, Copy, Scan, Copy, Copy
  2. Select TEST MODE.
  3. Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
  4. Select 3. [EEPROM CLEAR].
  5. Select 0. [INK COUNT].
  6. Press the [Set] key.
  7. Press the [Stop/Reset] key (returning to the state of 3)), and then press the [ON/OFF] key.

Canon I80.
  1. Turn off the printer. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel and Power buttons at the same time.
  2. Release the Resume/Cancel button. (continue to hold down the power button)
  3. While continuing to hold down the power button press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times then release both buttons.
  4. The LED should now be green. Press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. The led should be green. Power it off and your should be normal

Canon Mulitpass F60
  1. Enter Service mode by pressing: menu-copy-#
  2. select: Test Mode
  3. select [8] printer test in test mode
  4. select 3 [eeprom clear]
  5. select 0 [ink count]
  6. press the [stop/reset] key (returning to the state of 3), and press the [on/off] key

Canon i255/i320
  1. Unplug the power & printer cables.
  2. Press & HOLD the POWER button
  3. Plug POWER cable back in.
  4. The LED should be green
  5. Press & release the RESUME button, LED should be orange.
  6. Press & release the RESUME button again, LED should be green.
  7. Release both buttons

Canon Pixma MP150
  1. With the printer powered off but connected to a power source, press the Power button while pressing and holding the Stop/ Reset button.
  2. When the Power is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times while pressing and holding the Power button.
  3. When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a service mode. (Waiting for menu selection)
  4. When the on/off lights in green, press the Stop/Reset button the specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below.(Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and green, starting with orange.
note: press 4 times for waste ink counter reset.

The number of the Reset button pressing LED Function Remarks
0 time Green Power off
1 time Orange Service pattern print
2 times Green EEPROM print
3 times Orange EEPROM reset
4 times Green Waste ink counter reset
5) Turn off the printer.( it must be turn off) then turn it on again.


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what do i use to reset regarding on my ip2770?? can i use the generic reset code,, thanks for response anyway. . .

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