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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Currently the United States has 900 million credit cards in circulation, and this number increases by 65 million cards every year. Free Card Matrix, a company created by President Mark Colyer and Vice President Anthony Uva, was developed to allow the average person to earn profits from this multibillion dollar a year industry.
Every company that issues credit cards has acquisition costs in the billions annually for acquiring new cardholders. These companies incur these costs without worry due to the long term profits gained by the use of their credit cards. Colyer explains, “The greatest wealth now and in the future will not be made from the selling of products or services, but by the company that creates the conduit for all digital commerce, both online and brick and mortar." With recent developments like the National Do Not Call Registry, the companies that issue credit cards are becoming more desperate to find ways to gain new cardholders.
Free Card Matrix tapped into this need by creating a ten level referral plan that earns you money with each new referral. Mark Colyer and Anthony Uva spent three years developing this plan so that there is no buying, no selling, just referring and making money!
Free Card Matrix is the only network marketing credit card opportunity of its kind! All you have to do to participate in this multi-level-marketing network is apply for a credit card and be approved. We have different card options for nearly everyone, regardless of your credit card history.
Free Card Matrix works with the top credit card issuers in the world. These companies offer credit cards with competitive rates and low APR balance transfer options. The Ten Level Referral plan works to earn you money as soon as you get approved and verify your new Free Card Matrix card. For every referral you get, we will pay you $10. These are called your “first level cardholders.” For the next nine levels of cardholder growth, we will pay you $2. The level of income that can be generated by this plan is incomparable.
For example, if you referred five cardholders and they each referred five and everyone else referred five, all the way through ten levels deep, there would be 12.2 million cardholders in your tenth level, which would be worth $24,414,100 to you!
Free Card Matrix is offering this Program with a long term financial strategy which is one of the reasons we are willing to pass along such generous commissions up front. As we acquire millions of cardholders, we will aggregate the consumer power to negotiate many additional card benefits and cash commissions for the benefit of our members. Your success is our goal! Our credit cards are NO FEE cards, so they can't be sold or purchased.
The only qualification is that you will get paid through all ten levels once you reach five personal cardholder referrals. For example, if you have personally referred three cardholders, you will receive commissions on all the new cardholders through three levels of your “organization”. But you won’t get paid on your fourth through tenth levels unless you personally refer five cardholders.
How can I get paid so much money when no one is buying anything? The cost of acquiring new cardholders is very expensive for credit card issuers (Banks), but well worth the investment to them. How many costly direct mail and telemarketing pitches have you received in the last month alone? Consider the million-dollar advertising campaigns you see on television, radio, and in print media. And some banks offer low, or even zero interest for several months to attract new customers, which is also part of their acquisition costs.
Our program puts that money into referral commissions for two great reasons:
1) Receiving an invitation to look at something from a friend is much more effective than getting a sales-pitch phone call during dinner.
2) Having the opportunity to earn money to spread the news also motivates people to go ahead and apply for a card…especially when it's No Fee.
Since credit cards can generate profit for the issuing bank, the bank is willing to "buy" the Cardholder. This is like any other good business investment for the bank.

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No Buying No Selling, Just Referring & Making money


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