Handling handphone viruses without to flash it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If your cell phone always sending file via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth active phone while its look turned off, it most likely that your phone infected with virus. It is hard to clean viruses when its infecting the internal phone memory rather than when infected only external memory. Because when only infect the external memory we can cure it by plug it off phone and plug in to antivirus updated computer and scan it. The most easy way (for me) is by using smart file manager software. The software can easily open the phone system file as windows explorer and delete file even the file is still running the software will stop it and then delete it. The software built up with some operations to open and to send the file via infrared or Bluetooth. If you don’t know where the original phone system files and which one virus file the easy way is to send the file to the computer and scan it one by one. But most of viruses using random file name while the type is application so be aware to running such kind application.
Download smart file manager here. Extract and copy it to system\apps directory.


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