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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From big corporate to small scale industries, it is imperative to have high ranking website listing in search engine. Search Engine Optimization means that your site will be analyzed and then improved to make it possible for Search Engines to index and rank it. If your web site does not rank well, optimization helps that your web site will be found in the first upcoming pages of the search results. This can vary from ranking very high in Google to good in Yahoo and excellent in MSN. We cannot predict in which Search Engine the best ranking will take place because they work in different ways.

If you want web browsers to visit your site, than focusing on search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a must. No internet marketing plan is complete without ensuring that your site is submitted and included on major directories like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. The dollars spent on Search Engine Marketing of any type will pay huge dividends.

SEO Process

Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. Although the days of the keyword meta tag being the golden ticket to top rankings are undoubtedly over, keywords themselves are still one of the most important aspects of good SEO. Just their application has changed. It's not about stuffing a hundred keywords into meta tags or your copy to get rankings. It's about uncovering the keywords that make the most sense for your business and using them in a way that drives targeted, qualified traffic to your site.

The process of uncovering and selecting the appropriate keywords for your site is called keyword research . Very simply, it involves undertaking an often painstaking investigation to discover what terms people search for, how often, and how many and which other sites appear for those terms. Keyword research is a strategic exercise that enables you to determine which queries your site is most relevant for and for which you can feasibly expect a return, then optimize your site accordingly.

Site Optimization is the process of specifically designing your web pages to rank high in the Search Engines. It may be On-Page or Off-Page Optimization. On-Page optimization includes optimizing Title tags, Meta tags, ALT tags, H1 tags, URL structure, internal link building, keyword density and site maps ,etc. Off-Page Optimization includes Robots.txt file creation, Directory submission, Link Building (one way or two way), Ad words, Blog creations, RSS feeds Submission, Link ranks , etc.

After optimizing your site and web content, submit it to all the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Alta Vista, and others. SEO isn't about instant gratification. Results often take months to see, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online.

SEO isn't a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO requires a long-term outlook and commitment.

Key factors to combine within the SEO Project Plan are as follows;

  • Domain Name - Short names are easier to remember ! Include short Primary Keywords ! without hyphens were possible.
  • Domain Extension - .com or .net For the Global Market. Use for Country specific traffic
  • URL Names - include relevant keywords - unique to each page.
  • Robots.txt - A file which permits or denies access to robots or crawlers to areas of your site.
  • Meta Tags - Title and Description. - Unique detail for each page, related to page content.
  • H1 Tags - Use for the short on page content description.
  • H2 and H3 Tags - Use for Headings for sub category's within the Content
  • Keyword Visibility - Within page Content.
  • Image Alt Tags - Helps with Accessibility.
  • The site should confirm to the W3C standards .
  • Create and submit sitemap's - formatted in either .xml -.htm - .txt.
  • Create and submit RSS feeds to relevant feed directory's
  • Create and submit Articles
  • Find relevant websites within the same market sector or niche and form a link partnership.
  • A link exchange should be formed by utilizing relevant keyword Anchor Text.
  • Utilize relevant Social Networks and Forums related to your Market Sector.
  • Utilize Blog sites relevant to your Market Sector.

The above factors are proven SEO Techniques, that will help increase targeted traffic from achieving good or high ranking search engine positions.

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