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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Search Engine results are what will ultimately lead to more traffic on your web site. It is a fact that people who find your site through search engines are more likely to translate into business and buy your products.

To do this you need to first analyze the traffic that is coming on to your site. You need to know the search engines that are directing customers to the site, the keywords that they are using to reach it and any other sites that are directing the traffic to you. Lastly you need to know what amount of traffic is actually converting to sales for you.

Once you have got an idea of the keywords that are getting you the maximum traffic you need to re-examine your web site and see whether you can take advantage of these keywords and increase the traffic to it.

This calls for optimization of your web page and rewriting the content so that the keyword content actually takes it to the top of the list when these key words are searched for by any user on the web.

See if you can link up with sites that are about the same subject as your website and whether they will agree to a link up with you. If the site is more popular than yours, you could benefit from incidental users from that site.

Make sure that your website design is such that it attracts visitors and ensures that they stay on the site and are able to easily navigate within your site. If this becomes difficult for the user it is quite likely that he will just abandon your site.

Every website needs more traffic. By optimizing your keywords properly you will help get better placement for your website on the search engines.

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